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Most Popular Blood Tests and Health Checks

High Cholesterol affecting artery health check


Helping you gain insights into your risk for heart problems and guides you in keeping your heart healthy.

Diabetes Blood Test


Gain a clear picture of your diabetes status to help to prevent the onset of related complications like heart disease,…

Essential Health Check London


The essential health check is a great starting point to get useful, actionable insights into your health, looking at least…



Helping you gain insights into liver damage or disease, evaluate liver function, and help in the early detection and management…


Menopause Woman

Helping you gain insights into what’s happening in your body and changes as a result of hormonal changes and potential…


Prostate Man

Helping you gain insights into your the health of your prostate and your risk score for developing prostate cancer.


Setting the standard for private health checks..

Advanced Diagnostics
We use the latest cutting edge diagnostic technology to give you access to the best health technology
Digital Results
Our platform is built for the digital age, results are pulled directly cutting down waiting time and available to you 24/7
You v 2.0
Our aim is to not just show you worries around the corner but to help you be the best version of yourself.

Multiple diagnostic general health checks

Includes scans, bloods and more looking at general health, wellbeing and vitality.


Great to take a step into advanced diagnostics to get further insights and record your core baseline markers


Great to take things up a further level and get proactive insights to your health.


Great to take it to the ultimate and get a comprehensive check of your body and health.

Private Health Check FAQ's

Do I need a health check?

Private health checks are becoming more popular as price and accessibility as well as technology in this area is very quickly improving.

There are many different reasons to have a health check as well as the frequency of these checks. Regular checks can help you monitor and track your health trends and stay on top of potential issues. Annual checks or health MOT’s are also a worthwhile consideration if you are not keen to have regular testing.

Less frequent private health checks or one-off can also be considered if you are experiencing issues or symptoms and want the peace of mind that comes with a more detailed check-up.

Another common reason that people book health checks is that they have had health problems in the past, or perhaps they have a family history of health problems, and they want to keep an eye on things.


Whats the difference between health checks, health assessments and health MOTs?

Health Assessments, checks or MOT’s are checks of your overall health and performed by specialists to help you gain a better understanding of your physical and mental wellbeing.

These terms are all fairly synonymous with one another but its always important to check the following for any health service that you are opting to have:

  • It is relevant and applicable for me?
  • What diagnostic tests are included?
  • Who is performing the tests and providing the results?
  • How can it help me?

How much is a private health check?

Our health checks start from £159+, however as private health checks is fast becoming an all-encompassing term this can mean vastly different things and thus impact the true cost.

The cost of health checks will vary depending on where you have it performed, who  you see and what diagnostic tests are included and what is included in the reporting.

We believe in making private health checks as affordable as possible and so do offer checks with single as well as multi diagnostic tests, but all including a personalised report from one of our expert medical doctors.

What is the difference between core and focussed/ specialist health checks?

All of our private health checks can be grouped into either a core/general check or a focussed/ specialised check – please refer below to understand each one:

  • Core/General: These health checks check core organs, functions and systems of your body. They are multi-diagnostic / multi-test checks and are available for men and women.
  • Focussed/ Specialised: These checks are more focussed on a specific problem, disease, organ, etc. examples are; liver, diabetes. These may be multi-test checks but may also be single test checks and some may be gender specific.

Reviews and Feedback

Amazing! So easy to get started and use and my results are really helping tme to make positive change to my lifestyle.

Atif Riaz

Verified Patient
Easy online booking, smooth payment and extremely helpful. The process was amazingly quick, no issues of receiving results. All worked out great.

James Hart

Verified Patient
Excellent service! Had Thyroid health check and was very pleased how easy it was and explained clearly.

Diana Marsh

Verified Patient
This is a game changing service, having a general check and having the results so well shown and explained helped me get and feel better.

Mubashar Khurshid

Verified Patient

Meet our experts..

Our team is made of doctors, consultant practitioners and innovators in health care and technology.
  • Mr M. Usman

    Mr. Mohammad Usman


    Founder, Consultant Practitioner

    Mr. Usman has worked in the healthcare sector since 2003 for dozens of large NHS organisations as well prestigious private healthcare organisations including Europe’s largest diagnostic imaging provider.

  • Dr Aslam

    Dr. Habib Aslam


    General Practitioner, Physician

    Dr Aslam is a general practitioner (MRCGP 2009) with dual qualification as physician (MRCP 2012). Dr Aslam currently works as a salaried GP with a specialist interest in Gastroenterology in London.

  • Dr Sumita

    Dr. Sumita Sinha

    MBBS, MRCGP, PgDipClinEd

    General Practitioner

    Dr. Sinha is a highly motivated and dedicated GP for the past 6 years. She has amassed experience in managing multiple, complex co-morbidities which is increasingly important given the growing elderly population.