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Erectile Dysfunction Man Health Check

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Helping you gain insights into potential underlying conditions that may be the cause or contributing factors towards erectile dysfunction to aid in effective treatment and management.

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Results available within 3-5 days



How can the Erectile Dysfunction Man health check help you?

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The erectile dysfunction (ED) health check helps in identifying the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, a common issue affecting men’s sexual health and well-being. This check typically includes a range of blood tests to evaluate factors that can contribute to ED. Testosterone levels are checked since low testosterone can directly impact sexual function. Total PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) is measured to rule out prostate issues, which can affect sexual health. Prolactin and TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) tests are conducted to identify any hormonal imbalances that might be contributing to ED. HbA1c levels are assessed to check for diabetes, as high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and nerves involved in erection. The check also includes a full lipid profile, looking at Total cholesterol, HDL & LDL Cholesterol, Non-HDL-cholesterol, the Total cholesterol:HDL Ratio, and Triglycerides, to identify any cardiovascular issues that can impair blood flow, crucial for maintaining an erection. Understanding and addressing these various health factors are key to effectively managing and treating erectile dysfunction.

Which tests are included in the Erectile Dysfunction Man health check?

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Abstract Art Private Health Check London

About the Erectile Dysfunction Man Health Check

The Erectile Dysfunction man health check is designed to offer an in-depth understanding of various aspects of male health. It focuses on assessing critical hormonal levels that are instrumental in regulating sexual function, metabolism, and overall endocrine health. Additionally, it includes markers that provide insights into cardiovascular health, such as cholesterol levels and related ratios, crucial for heart health and metabolic function. This test also examines indicators of thyroid function and blood sugar control, offering a well-rounded view of a man’s health status. The results can be pivotal in detecting imbalances or potential health issues, guiding appropriate health management strategies.

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What biomarkers are measured in the Erectile Dysfunction Man blood test ?

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Results, Clear and Simple ..

You will receive results of your blood test, ultrasound scan along with a report from one of our GP partners summarising the results and any further action that may or may not be necessary. In all cases we strongly recommend sharing your results with your regular GP/ health care provider.

You will receive a verbal summary of the ultrasound scan findings after your scan appointment. Full results including the diagnostic scan report and summary report from one of our GP partners will be securely emailed to you within 2-3 days after your appointment.

Note: all reports are password protected for your safety, details of the password will be mentioned in the email containing the report.

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An Investment in your own Health and Wellbeing. A well designed service with informative and useful feedback.


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Fast, Easy and Seamless process, will definitely have all follows ups here

Erectile Dysfunction Man Health Check FAQ's

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