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Liver Health Check

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Helping you gain insights into liver damage or disease, evaluate liver function, and help in the early detection and management of liver-related health issues.

How well your liver is working

Assess liver damage

Screen for liver infections

Results available within 3-5 days



How can the Liver health check help you?

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A liver check, can tell you a lot about the health of your liver. It measures levels of enzymes and proteins in your blood that are linked to liver health, like ALT and AST. High levels can indicate liver damage or disease. The test also checks bilirubin, which can signal liver or bile duct issues if elevated. Additionally, it assesses albumin and total protein levels, which can help determine the liver’s ability to produce proteins. This test is crucial for detecting conditions like hepatitis, cirrhosis, and fatty liver disease early, and for monitoring the impact of medications or other treatments on liver health.

Liver disease doesn’t always cause noticeable signs and symptoms. If signs and symptoms of liver disease do occur, they may include:

  • Skin and eyes that appear yellowish (jaundice)
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Itchy skin

Which tests are included in the Liver health check?

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Blood Test
Physiological Measurements
Doctors Report
Doctor's Report
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Not Included

Abstract Art Private Health Check London

About the Liver Health Check

The liver is located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdomen, and is one of your key bodily organs. The liver holds roughtly between 12-14% of the body’s blood supply at any given moment.

The liver is like a powerhouse in your body, performing many essential tasks. It acts like a filter, removing toxins and waste from your blood. It also makes bile, which helps digest fats, stores energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen, and plays a big part in fighting infections. The liver is key to keeping your body’s internal environment balanced and healthy. Without it working properly, your body would struggle to get rid of harmful substances and absorb nutrients.

Monitoring how well your liver is doing is crucial for your wellbeing and to help identify the risk of many different diseases including fatty liver disesase,  cirrhossis, hepatitis to name a few.

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What biomarkers are measured in the Liver blood test ?

x markers

Results, Clear and Simple ..

You will receive results of your blood test, ultrasound scan along with a report from one of our GP partners summarising the results and any further action that may or may not be necessary. In all cases we strongly recommend sharing your results with your regular GP/ health care provider.

You will receive a verbal summary of the ultrasound scan findings after your scan appointment. Full results including the diagnostic scan report and summary report from one of our GP partners will be securely emailed to you within 2-3 days after your appointment.

Note: all reports are password protected for your safety, details of the password will be mentioned in the email containing the report.

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Liver Health Check FAQ's

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