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Thyroid Health Check

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Helping you gain insights into your the health and function of your thyroid gland, which is crucial in regualting hormones and metabolism and can affect many different areas.

Thyroid Function

Over or Under active Thyroid

Affects Mood, Energy and Weight

Results available within 3-5 days



How can the Thyroid health check help you?

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Our thyroid health check looks at different levels of thyroid hormones in your blood to see how well your thyroid is working. It checks TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) and FT4 (free thyroxine), but sometimes these aren’t enough. You might have normal TSH and FT4 but still feel symptoms like those of an underactive thyroid if your FT3 (free triiodothyronine) level is low. This is because FT3 is a more active hormone that your body makes from FT4. Testing FT3 is especially useful if you’re taking certain thyroid medications. High TSH levels could mean your thyroid isn’t making enough hormones for your body’s needs. So, it’s important to check all these hormones to get the full picture of your thyroid health.

Which tests are included in the Thyroid health check?

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About the Thyroid Health Check

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the front of the neck. The thyroid is an important part of the endocrine system that produces and regulates hormones that affect almost every cell in the body. Without thyroid hormones, the body would be unable to convert nutrients into energy. In some cases, the thyroid doesn’t always produce the right amount of thyroid hormones, which can give rise to symptoms such as weight changes or fatigue.

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What biomarkers are measured in the Thyroid blood test ?

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Results, Clear and Simple ..

You will receive results of your blood test, ultrasound scan along with a report from one of our GP partners summarising the results and any further action that may or may not be necessary. In all cases we strongly recommend sharing your results with your regular GP/ health care provider.

You will receive a verbal summary of the ultrasound scan findings after your scan appointment. Full results including the diagnostic scan report and summary report from one of our GP partners will be securely emailed to you within 2-3 days after your appointment.

Note: all reports are password protected for your safety, details of the password will be mentioned in the email containing the report.

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Fast, Easy and Seamless process, will definitely have all follows ups here

Thyroid Health Check FAQ's

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