How our Health Checks work..

A better you is only a few steps away...

Step 1.

Your Choice

All of our health checks are aimed at helping you feel and be better, you can start your journey for free by clicking below to see which health check we would suggest or click to compare.

Step 2.

All About You

Welcome to the start of you v.2.0!  To get started our clinical team need to know more about your health status, lifestyle and medical background which is all done on an easy to follow online questionnaire.

Step 3.

Your Scan & Tests

Now we are better acquainted, we will arrange at your convenience an appointment to have the diagnostic tests e.g. ultrasound scan and blood test.

Step 4.

Your Health Trends

Our checks provide a snapshot of your health which you can see on your online portal anytime. Having regular checks can help build this picture to show and track changes and trends in your health all at the tap of a finger.

Step 5.

You v.2.0

Seeing how you are doing is the first part of the journey, the next part is how to make things better. This is where we stand out. We work with many different consultants, lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, etc. and will direct to you one of our approved partners to help you feel and be better.

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